21 Jul 2014

No H8. Again. FFS.

As some of you will have noticed, I'm not blogging much at the moment. I'm still kind of active on IG but that's about it for now.

Well, events of the last week have pissed me off so much that I'm blogging about it, even when I don't want to blog. Minor language alert ahead for those of you who may be offended - but its my blog, so my rules).

Once again, nameless,  faceless trolls are trying to ruin things for everybody. I didn't go and visit the Pinterest board in question, mainly because I've learned it's best for me to step away from these situations, but the level of idiocy shown by these people (which I saw on screenshots from some of the targeted bloggers) really got on my tits. 

I may well have been on there. Sometimes I still cannot be arsed to clean up, especially if I've spent a lot of time on the design. I have a daughter, house, job and separate business to run so ensuring I've always perfectly "coloured within the lines" doesn't really top my list of priorities and I was under the impression that this nail "thing" was meant to be fun. Also, early doors I found it impossible to keep polish off my cuticles and some days (usually after a night out) I still do. And guess what? I don't care. Plus (Shock! Horror!), I'm one of these weird people who thinks that if you can't appreciate nail art because of a bit of overspill, or can't offer words of encouragement to someone putting themselves out there and showing you their journey to becoming awesome at nail art, then you're a waste of time, space and energy and can fuck right off. I have better things to do with my life.

I'm taking this opportunity to show you a polish I adore. This is Quirk Send Him To 'Belize'. Kerrie is an awesome lady who made awesome polish. I say "made" as someone with the same mentality as the aforementioned trolls led to Quirk being no more. And look at what we're all now missing out on (please note my cuticles are a little dry and I'm not apologizing, because I don't care and neither should you)...

For fuck's sake people - ITS ONLY NAIL POLISH. How can anyone feel threatened enough by anything to do with this so called "community" that they feel the urge to have a pop at people they don't know via the anonymity of the internet, or to try and take down someone's growing business in the name of lacquer??? Maybe all the trolls' polish contains too much toluene and its gone to their heads...

Rant over. Hopefully I'll be back with something new and pretty for you soon :)

Sam xx

1 Jul 2014

Blog Update - July happenings (and my first ILNP)...

Hello everyone! So as you all know, I took June off the blog to try and relieve the blogger burn out, along with giving myself some time to deal with some personal issues. I also started a new job, which I am enjoying, but it didn't leave a lot of time for blogging and my other commitments with our other business. Just after I started, my husband got the most amazing job offer and life actually became more complicated (mostly in a good way, but complicated nonetheless)!

I also went away for a week with my family and we had a lovely time - it was there that I really felt that I got to grips with my anxiety and depression. I am also going through some fairly intensive therapy to deal with some unpleasant past life stuff, so as you can see I have had a fair bit going on. 

I did manage to post for The Digit-al Dozen, and managed three of the four Nail Challenge Collaborative manis. I accepted my wet noodle punishment from the NCC ladies with alacrity (if you join you'll find out how that works) ;) I also published photos on IG and FB as promised so I feel that at least I managed to honour the obligations I'd set myself for June.

So, on to July...

I am probably going to do the same for this month as I am currently working five days a week. This will go down to three days a week mid July which will allow me more nail time so I do foresee more posts this month. FingerFood's Theme Buffet has brand new themes (which are awesome btw!) starting this weekend and will continue for at least until the end of September (especially after all the hoop jumping I had to go through with Inlinkz to get it all up and running!).


I have not been blogging for me. I have been blogging for recognition, publicity, likes, fans, whatever. Bollocks to all that. From now on, if I like it, I'll post it. If I don't, and I don't have anything ready, then there won't be a post (believe it or not I've come to this conclusion with the aid of a psychotherapist). I have severed links with a few companies I was reviewing for because I don't like the products or the way they do business, and I am now at a point where this is going to be for me again (as it was when I started). If people read, then great. If they don't, then that's fine too. Oh, and I will "respond" to anyone leaving arsey comments on my posts from now on. If you felt the need to comment something nasty when you could've scrolled on, then you're fair game.

I am mostly going to be active on FB and IG still, and I hope have time to start looking for inspiration again, instead of being so up against it for time that I don't have time to think outside the box, and end up feeling like I'm rehashing the same old design time and time again.

End of cathartic rant (this was part 1,267 - part 1,268 will no doubt follow shortly). Thanks again for bearing with me, and for all your supportive comments and PMs - you are all officially awesome :)

While I'm here, here's a snap of one of my new favourite polishes - ILNP A Fresh Evergreen <3

Sam xx

30 Jun 2014

The NCC presents "Black and White" 3 - Abstract Tribal something...

Hello everyone! I made it to three in my attempt to catch up! Again I used just LA Colors French White and Black Velvet, but this time I freehanded the black design over the white before dotting in the spaces that were left over.

This is another mani that I'm really happy with, despite how rushed it was. There will be an update coming soon about my blog plans for July and I am really looking forward to July's NCC theme, which is to recreate your first four nail art designs (literally cannot wait!).

Don't forget to check out all the other wonderful Black and White manis from this month, there is some stunning work on show! :)

Sam xx

29 Jun 2014

The NCC presents "Black and White" 2 - Animal print skittles

In a desperate effort to still come in on time, I am going to be furiously posting today and tomorrow! Today I have some animal print skittles simply painted using LA Colors Black Velvet and Snow White (with a little help from black and white acrylic paint in those "hard to cover" spots :)

Despite how simple it is, I love how this looks, and the patterns all seem to work together even though normally I wouldn't like them all in one mani. The power of monochrome eh? ;)

Two more coming at you tomorrow :)

Sam xx

26 Jun 2014

The NCC presents "Black and White" 1 - Floral

Hello everyone! I'm blogging!!! As promised, I'm here with the first of four NCC Manis for June. Our theme is "Black and White" and there was no way I could miss out on this one :)

Starting with a super simple floral. I freehanded a floral design using All About Nails Liqorice over LA Colors French white with a detail brush. What I did do differently (and will always do in future!) is after the first coat of white, I added a coat of matte top coat before the second coat of white. Instant streak free white coverage in two coats - finally! I've seen the tip on Facebook loads this week so I'm not sure who posted it first, but whoever you are, thank you!!! 

I think it looked great as it was, but I couldn't resist the temptation to add in a splash of Jessica Purple Burst as I've just added some slices of this exact colour to my hair and now my nails match perfectly - win!

I have three more NCC posts for you before the end of the month, and I will also be posting an update on my time away from the blog, the realizations I've made and the decisions I've come to, so its looking like a busy week for me!

Hope you are all having a fab summer (and that winter isn't being too harsh on all you Southern hemisphere readers!).

Sam xx

14 Jun 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Metal Day 5 - A vague Terminator 2 reference :)

Hello everyone! Here is as promised my final DD week mani (and its only a day late!)> As part of my month off, I've barely painted my nails, so with no preparation, pulling 5 manis out of the bag in a week was a big ask on top of working full time and prepping for our holiday! Still, I made it through (and rediscovered some of my nail mojo along the way) :)

This last one came about as I caught the end of Terminator 2 on TV the other night - you know, the bit where Arnie is lowered into the molten metal and, well, melts. I went for something to recreate that kind of feel.

I started with a base of Models Own Lemon Meringue and then sponged on sections of OPI Yellowpaloooza, along with Barry M Gelly Mango and Blood Orange. Once dry, I painted on sections of"metal" that hadn't melted yet using Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer and added a little depth to those shapes with LA Colors Black Pearl.

I think this is the most "fun" mani I've done all week (even if it does represent the death of a popular film character, besides everyone knows "He'll be back"...).

I still have four NCC manis heading your way during this month off, but I am still relatively active on Facebook and IG, so click through the icons at the top of the page if you'd like to keep up with my holiday antics, swatches and other manis I've been painting this month :)

Sam xx

The Digit-al Dozen does Metal Day 4

Hello everyone! I'm late but I'm finishing up this week with two posts in one day, starting with a metallic dry marble design. I dotted Color Club Pearl District and Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer over a wet black base, and then dragged a brush through the colours to create the marble effect.

Its a pretty simple technique, but I think its quite effective and the colurs stand out from each other pretty well so overall I'm happy :)

Back with one more for you later today to round off DD week!

Sam xx